RAW Food Challenge

30-Day RAW Food Challenge Available Now

Do you suffer from any of these problems: Acne or Skin Conditions, Allergies, Menstrual Pains, Sugar Addiction, Emotional Eating/Binge Eating, Insecurity? Are you feeling Tired, Stressed, Lack Clarity in life, Can’t Sleep or lose Extra Weight…

Would you like to overcome these challenges but you don’t know how?

Know that you are not alone. I have experienced these issues myself and I found solutions, so I may be able to assist you to overcome your challenges as well and transform your life!

For many years I was addicted to eating something sweet every day. I was facing so many health issues at that time like acne, colds with a nasty dry cough that would last even a few weeks, eye allergy which developed to watery eyes, I felt very tired and had problems with sleeping. There was no clarity in my life, I felt insecure and didn’t want to go out to meet with other people.

When in 2012 I was able to switch to a plant-based diet my health improved a lot. However, when I transitioned to a Raw Whole Plant-Based Lifestyle I literally transformed my life!

Being aware that many people struggle with similar health problems, I’ve decided to offer the 30-Day Raw Food Challenge with the intention that it will give the first step to learn how to nourish your body and guide you to implement a simple holistic way of living.

I have been eating plant-based foods for over 9 years and about 6 years completely raw. I will share my experience, what worked for me and guide you all the way when needed. I will be available every day for assistance and to answer any questions.

The vibrations on this planet are raised and so we need to raise our vibrations to be able to stay well and continue living in higher consciousness. The healthier and more conscious you are the higher your vibration. The food that you eat impacts directly your vibrational frequency; the way you feel, think and what you manifest in your life.

In this new era, we’re experiencing huge changes on this planet – we are directed to take responsibility for our wellbeing and start living in a conscious way. It is very important to open ourselves to the ‘new conscious way of living’. If you resist change and evolve  – it will result in frustration, stress, anger, fear, illnesses and generally experiencing very low energy which is not going to be pleasant. Perhaps you are experiencing this in some way already and wondering what is going on? Become a conscious creator of your life. The food that you consume is the building material for your body. What you eat today – becomes your body tomorrow!


Plant foods are literally sunlight in the form of food. When you eat them raw, not only do you supply your body with enzymes, micronutrients, phytonutrients, hydration, but you also raise your body’s vibration.  You will feel the impact immediately. In this 30-Day RAW Food Challenge, you will experience raw plant-based foods, gluten & refined sugar-free, low calorie and nut-free if you require such options.


  • You will be sent a Meal Plan with recipes & photos and you will be guided on how to prepare 2 raw meals every day (Brunch & Dinner).
  • Each meal is planned to make in a max of 30 minutes! So you don’t need a lot of time to get involved.
  • You will create fresh meals every day and will be invited to get creative using a wide spectrum of fresh produce in your individual way that works for you.
  • Live calls will be available twice a week for support, guidance and Q&A including Live calls with Demos.
  • There is a video library with demos on how to make smoothies, salads, dips, sauces, desserts and many raw food meals.
  • Support and interaction with other participants in a Private FB Group.

You will explore and learn how to make simple yet delicious and nutritious Raw Plant-Based: Salads, Dressings/Sauces, Dips, Sprouting, Fermented Foods, Smoothies and of course Raw Desserts and Treats! You will also learn about food combining to make the best choices for optimal digestion, hydration and assimilation.

There is no need to have any equipment like a blender or a juicer. Just your commitment to start and do it 🙂

How you explore raw plant-based foods in this 30-Day Challenge can be easily tailored to your individual needs & dietary requirements – everyone is welcome! This 30-Day Raw Food Challenge Will Fit Easily Into Your Busy Schedule 🙂

If you have a family, this is a great opportunity to involve your partner and kids and make this Challenge a Family Fun Time by exploring Raw Foods; they will love it and everyone will benefit from this experience!

If you want to transform your life or at least improve in some way and this program resonates with you, please book your place and get involved – You can sign up here

There is no substitute for involvement! If you want to know more about Raw Plant-Based Foods and how they impact the human body you need to dive and experience them. The same as if you wanted to learn about mangos – you need to eat them 🙂


So please join to start your own Raw Plant-Based Food Adventure, Gain energetic momentum, Meet new like-minded friends and experience Transformation. Doing this together in a group is a lot easier as you will be supporting each other to be successful and it’s definitely more fun.

You Up for a 30-Day online Raw Food Party in a friendly, supportive and relaxed atmosphere?
Please sign up here  SPACE IS LIMITED – JOIN NOW!

Once your payment is made you will receive an email confirmation and important information about our program and how to prepare for the 30-Day Challenge.
You will also receive a link to join a VIP  Private FB group and I invite you to join for extra support and to connect with other participants. However, this is not compulsory.

I am really looking forward to connecting with You in the 30-Day Raw Food Challenge 💗


With Love – Kasia Lukasz