I wanted to let you know how powerful your ebook is! I have read it properly now, and I wanted to congratulate you on how powerful and clear it is. The entire message of experimenting and connecting with our body and take the lead consciously is beautiful. I love the creative freedom in it too! ~ Kristina Buk

This e-Book is currently in the process of being updated and it will be available soon again!

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How to Raise Your Consciousness with your Diet? Have you ever questioned whether there’s a relationship between diet, your consciousness, how you feel, think, what you create and manifest in your life?
The answer is YES! High Vibe Food = High Vibe Mood, Eat From The Vine & Feel Devine!

The cleaner your body the more conscious you are and the higher your vibration. The food that you eat impacts directly your vibrational frequency; the way you feel, think and what you manifest in your life.

This eBook intends to invite you to explore raw whole plant-based foods to start hydrating & nourishing your system in an optimal way, raise your vibrations and enjoy life on this planet.

C o m i n g   soon!

New eBook: From Sugar ADDICTION To the Power of Fruit