30-Day Plant-Based online Detox Program – Coming Soon!

Do you suffer from any of these problems: acne or skin conditions, sugar addiction, emotional eating/binge eating, lack of energy, insecurity, lack of clarity in life, extra weight…

Know that you are not alone. I have experienced these issues myself and I found solutions, so I may be able to assist you to overcome your challenges as well and transform your life!

For many years I was experiencing the need of eating something sweet every day. I would go to a supermarket every afternoon to get a pack of cookies or chocolate and finish it on my way home. It became a habit, I was doing it every day.

I was facing so many health issues in that time like acne, colds with a nasty dry cough that would last even a few weeks, I felt very tired and couldn’t wake up in the morning. There was no clarity in my life, I felt insecure and didn’t want to go out to meet with other people.

All this felt normal as I wasn’t aware that SUGAR was controlling my life, the craving was winning with me and I was indulging in the variety of sweetness and other foods. I wasn’t aware what was causing my acne and other challenges I was facing for many years.

When one day I was able to see and admit that I was ADDICTED to sugar, I’ve decided immediately to change my way of eating and then identify and work with emotions to support my transition. Raw Plant-Based Diet and awareness is definitely the solution!

You have the ability to challenge any limitation, skin or eating issues & become FREE!

What truly matters in life is that we want to experience this life as beautifully and profoundly as possible.

What would it mean to you to have clear and radiant skin, feel free & great within yourself?

I’ve created a 30-Day online Detox Program using unique tools and guidance which are not available yet in Google or on Netflix, and a raw plant-based diet.

Overconsumption of sugar destroys our body and damages our brain, but it creates such intense cravings that it’s very challenging to overcome. Creating new solutions and replacing sugar with raw plant-based nutritious foods is absolutely essential, as well as identifying and working with emotions, instead of covering them – is the key solution.

After you stop eating sugar, the first few days can be challenging as the sugar cravings kick in and emotions come up to the surface. That’s why the support you receive in the 30-Day online Program is vital to stay in control of your physical body, mind and emotions.

“The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, the more you become a lover of what is.” ― Spinoza

The external world will never happen exactly the way you want, you can not control the outside situations, as there are many aspects and forces into it, but how you perceive it, what you make out of it, and how you feel within yourself is 100% in your ability.

30-Day Plant-Based Detox Program  – what you will experience: 
  • RAW Plant-Based Foods, gluten & wheat-free, refined sugar-free 
  • Meal plan and guidance with preparing the food (Cooked versions if required)
  • Juice Cleanse to detoxify and bring balance to your body system
  • Boosting and Nutritious Super Foods – You will learn how to make simple Plant-Based Smoothies, Raw Nutritious Creations, including Vibrant Desserts & Treats

  • Creating new supportive and empowering ways to set off for Sugar-Free journey
  • Simple yet powerful and unique tools and guidance (not available yet in Google or on Netflix) to organise your system so it works for you, not against you
  • Educational Video Library / Live Programs
  • Mindset, Clarity & 100% Commitment
  • Guidance and support every day – Access to a VIP FB Group


  • Conscious breathing and Guided meditations
  • Connecting with nature, gentle exercises, walking, dance, simple yoga practices to support detoxification
  • Detoxing on all levels to balance your energy, emotions, mind and body


  • Identify different hungers & the Emotional Hunger. What makes you hungry?
  • Emotional Eating – identify the emotions behind the foods you’re craving for
  • How to identify and work with emotions, and release any negative emotions?
  • Introduction to Self-Healing method ‘Inner Guidance’ and Self Enquiry


  • Social Evenings with Q&A and a possibility to discuss individual topics/challenges
  • Set for your own life Adventure – an invitation to experience something new!
  • Before & After Transformation Coaching
    Bonus: 30 Day Juice Cleanse
    Bonus: 30 Day Smoothie Cleanse
    Bonus: 30 Day Raw Food Cleanse
Find what stimulates your cravings, keeps you addictive & controls your life?
How do you want to FEEL in your Life? The most important work that you must do in your life, is to work upon Yourself!

Invest in Yourself today and come to the 30-Day Plant-Based  Online Detox Program to go for the first step into a conscious and vibrant living and the direction that feels right for you! As a result, get clear skin in only 30 days, feel balance, harmony and inner peace.

Don’t hesitate and let your life pass by. Your life journey is extremely brief and it happens only NOW! What truly matters to you? Don’t wish it – LIVE IT!
Please book your place NOW at: info@PranicLiving.net 

Really looking forward to connecting with You in the 30-Day Program.

With Love – Kasia Lukasz