30-Day Raw Food ChallengePlease learn more here about the program

30-Day online Program, available 01 – 30 April 2021. Raw Plant-Based Foods, Gluten & Refined Sugar-Free, Low Calorie and Nut-Free if required. Special Raw Festive Options for Easter 🙂

Detox with Plant-Based Raw Foods, Boost Your System and Gain Energy to Transform Your Life!


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We are meant to be here on this planet now to experience this huge transformation to help ourselves and others to transition from darkness and fear into Love & Light, so we can continue living in higher consciousness. The healthier and more conscious you are the higher your frequency or vibration. The food that you eat impacts directly your vibrational frequency; the way you feel, think and what you manifest in your life.

This eBook intends to invite you to explore raw plant-based foods to raise your vibrations and enjoy your life on this planet


How does your personal Soul Imprint help you?
A personal Soul Imprint lets you communicate directly with your core Wisdom that’s right for you and only you.
It bypasses all other outer imprints, ego, and untruths. It helps you SEE YOU, allow yourself to BE YOU, and navigate from that core solely.

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