30-Day Raw Food ChallengePlease learn more here about the program

30-Day online Program which guides you to transition and implement Raw Plant-Based Foods which are naturally Gluten & Refined Sugar-Free,  Soy & Added Oil-Free, Low Calorie and Nut-Free if required.  Personal Program available if you require a more individual approach, dietary requirements including allergies, skin conditions, diabetes… 🙂

Detox with Plant-Based Raw Foods, Boost Your System and Gain Energy to Transform Your Life!


30- Day Holistic DETOX Program – Available Now – Please learn more here about this Program

This is an online Detox Retreat taking place in your home space and having me guide you when you need it.

If you have been eating the wrong kind of food for so long, your body may have become so lethargic and dense that you cannot notice anything. You are not even aware of what you don’t know because it’s beyond your ability of perception.


FREE e-Book: Plant-Based Adventure Introduction to RAW Foods  Please download Your FREE copy here

How to Raise Your Consciousness with your Diet? Have you ever questioned whether there’s a relationship between diet, your consciousness, how you feel, think, what you create and manifest in your life?
The answer is YES! High Vibe Food = High Vibe Mood, Eat From The Vine & Feel Devine!

The cleaner your body the more conscious you are and the higher your vibration. The food that you eat impacts directly your vibrational frequency; the way you feel, think and what you manifest in your life.

This eBook intends to invite you to explore raw whole plant-based foods to raise your vibrations and enjoy your life on this planet.


30-Day Letting Go Challenge Please learn more here about the program

30-Day online Program, Available Now. You will dedicate 30 days to clear all aspects of your life, including the space where you live. Letting Go is like releasing constipation from your system that makes you feel tired, irritated and stuck. There is no clarity and flow but rather a stagnation that is blocking you from being yourself, recognising who you are and living fully your life!

Every day you will have the opportunity to recognise what is not serving you anymore and Let Go, including clearing your space.


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Interviews about overcoming health issues naturally using a raw whole plant-based diet, useful tips about optimal eating, raw plant-based food recipes and more…


How does your personal Soul Imprint help you?
A personal Soul Imprint lets you communicate directly with your core Wisdom that’s right for you and only you.
It bypasses all other outer imprints, egos, and untruths. It helps you SEE YOU, allow yourself to BE YOU, and navigate from that core solely.

If you would like to contact directly Kristina Buk about Soul Imprint or her work – please click this link