Letting Go

30-Day Letting Go Challenge 

Accepting where I was in my life 5 years ago and Letting Go was the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced!

How was I supposed to accept the fact that a few years of my really hard work invested into my business project was going to end suddenly? I simply couldn’t accept that and even understand why I had to accept something like this!

The more I was resisting the harder it was and the more it was impacting my life! It became really tough as I couldn’t see a solution or a way out of this mess. It felt like drowning in a deep stinky paddle and I wanted to run away from it.

When eventually I was able to face what I was experiencing and look at it without any judgement and criticism but simply to see it the way it was – things started to shift.

When we identify ourselves with anything – work, money, house, relationship, body – our mind creates such a strong illusion like if our life really depends on these things and it leads to some kind of madness that we are not able to recognise what is true and real and what is not!

This is more relevant now than ever before as we’re experiencing a huge transformation globally which requires letting go of the old system and the way we used to live.

You’re pushed now to evolve and start living as a conscious being, without beliefs, identifications, habits etc that are not even yours. You’ve accumulated them in your life from your society, it’s not something you were born with, it’s not part of your True Self.

Letting Go is like releasing constipation from your system that makes you feel tired, irritated and stuck. There is no clarity and flow but rather stagnation and inertia that is blocking you from being truly yourself, recognising who you are and living fully your life! Are you experiencing any of these?

If you want to recognise Your True Nature and discover Your Real Self I invite you to join me in the 30-Day Letting Go Challenge that is available Now. You can sign up here for this 30-Day online Program.

Every day you will have the opportunity to recognise what is not serving you anymore in your life and Let Go, including clearing your living space.

For most people seems to be difficult to take a big leap to clear everything at one go. It is easier to do this step by step – that was my experience as well.

Last year I was guided to Let Go & Declutter as I’ve never experienced before. It required me to let go of many of the belongings that I’ve carefully stored for many years. At first, it was challenging, it was the moment of letting go, stop gripping to them.

I remember getting clarity that in order to invite something new in my life I have to first clear my space, Let Go of the Old and make room for the NEW to come.

It was a process and as I was experiencing different stages of it I realised that it was like going through a grief process.
It’s not only when someone close to us that dies we feel the loss, but also when we identify ourselves with such things as possessions. Losing money can appear in a very strong way as a loss, sometimes even stronger than if we actually lost someone close to us.

We will dedicate 30 days to clear all aspects of your life. Each day you will be invited to nominate what you want to clear and let go of, including your living pace.

How will this work?

Every morning you will receive a short inspiring message and guidance to set you for the day and motivate you to stay accountable to your commitment to letting go.

You will have access to guidance and support in a private FB group and you will be guided on how to approach the process of letting go.

Additionally, you will also have access to an evening live call once a week with Q&A and the opportunity to share and discuss anything related to this program and your experience. The live calls will be followed by a guided meditation/process to let go of anything you’re ready for at that moment.

You will also be guided to support this ‘Letting Go’ process with nutritious raw plant-based foods to help your system with cleansing and releasing toxins.

There is a 30-Day Smoothie Guidance available to support your Let Go process.

You will have access to a private FB  group with other participants and a conscious community so you can support each other and meet new like-minded friends. Please join the group to benefit from being surrounded by positive energy and higher vibrations. This is very important that you connect with other beings who will inspire you and keep you accountable!

To Find Your Self is easy. Take a very direct path from your head to Your Heart! This is where Your True Self Exists

When you are presented with an opportunity to expand and evolve you might feel some discomfort and maybe even resistance. This is rather typical as you’re required to stand from the comfortable chair you’re sitting in and “exercise”, do something that your mind is not willing to do and be involved in a way that you’re not familiar with.

In order to evolve and shift from the level of awareness, that you’re in right now to a higher level of consciousness which will allow you to see and feel from a different perspective you need to go for that step of Letting Go.

As a consequence of that shift and transformation, you will be able to experience your life with more ease and flow, have clarity on what actions to take, whether to do this job or not, you will have more inner trust and feel more balanced and harmony within yourself.

The more you Let Go of the past beliefs, conditioning and patterns the closer you feel and see who you truly are. The more you Let Go of any concepts you may have accumulated over the years in your life – the clearer you feel and experience Your True Nature the way it really is and the way it wants to express itself in this physical world.

Once you Let Go of any attachments, your past memories and projections of the future you will see and know that whatever you experience is only the Infinite NOW. When you leave your mind aside and don’t engage with it, you will recognise what is real in your life and what is not, and you will meet Your Self as you have never imagined before!

To Meet Your Self doesn’t require you to go anywhere and search as many people do. There is no need to travel to India or even take on long spiritual practices.
What you’re searching for it has always existed within you. You just need to Declutter and take off all the layers you have put on to be able to see this and start living as truly YOU.

If you want to Find Your Self, the Original Authentic Self that You Are – you need to Let Go of all the concepts that you have and discover Your True Nature – Your Beautiful Ultimate Self that wants to manifest in this life as truly as possible. Find Your Self and allow Your True Self to BE.

If this feels right & resonates with you and you would like some guidance and support with Letting Go of the past that is not serving you in your life, stop repeating the same patterns – please join me for the 30-Day Letting Go Challenge – this Program is Available Now.

Please sign up here to JOIN the 30-Day Letting Go Challenge for only £197.00 – this special offer is valid until 25th June – SPACE IS LIMITED!

Once your payment is made you will receive an email confirmation and how to prepare for the 30-Day Challenge.
You will also receive a link to join a Private FB group and I invite you to join for extra support and to connect with other participants.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you in July 💗

With Love