Inner Guidance Program

90-Day Inner Guidance Program 11 September – 09 December 2023

Do you feel stuck, blocked or limited in life? Are you ready to overcome these challenges but you don’t know how?

Know that you are not alone. I have experienced feeling blocked, limited and shut for so many years and I found solutions to heal so I may be able to assist you to overcome your challenges as well, heal from what is not serving you so you can transform your life!

Being aware that many people struggle with similar problems, I’ve decided to offer the 90-Day Inner Guidance Program with the intention that it will support you to take the first steps to experience how you can heal from anything that is blocking you and walk Free.

Any limitations you are experiencing in life are a result of old conditioning, programming and perception.

Whatever your desire, goal or dream, you have the ability to attain it. When you identify what is blocking you in life and clear the old conditioning, heal the traumas and wounded aspects – with energetic alignment and inspired action, infinite possibilities are available to you, and they become apparent. When doubt, fear or anxiety creeps in, as it does for every human, remember that You are fully Capable!

In this new era, we’re experiencing huge changes living on this new planet Earth – we are directed to take responsibility for our well-being and start living in a conscious way. It is very important to open ourselves to the ‘new conscious way of living. If you resist change to evolve  – it will result in frustration, stress, anger, fear, illnesses and generally experiencing very low energy which is not going to be pleasant. Perhaps you are experiencing this in some way already and wondering what is going on. Become a conscious creator of your life – it’s your Masterpiece.

You have been given the tools required to live a joyful and happy life and succeed, whatever your definition of success is. These tools are the talents, abilities, and gifts that are woven throughout your very being.

Your Inner Wisdom & Divine Guidance is available to you all the time. You are a Complete Being. It’s important to be able to live life from your True Self and not from your mind. However, we often experience living life from our distorted perceptions, not our true selves because our fears, limitations and past experiences distort our reality. We see/ perceive life through a ‘broken mirror’, a distorted lens not as really is. Inner Guidance is a modality that cleans the lens, layer by layer and allows you to see clearly the world from your beautiful true self, the essence of who you really are. Recognising our Real Nature, Realizing the Self is the most important aspect to focus on in this life. Whether we are aware of this or not, this is the purpose of this human life experience. This is the process of evolving into higher consciousness. Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.

Each week we will be working on a different module – Abundance, Freedom, Inner Trust, Health, Prosperity and Forgiveness… just to mention a few.


  • This program will offer you the tools, guidance and practice to work on all these aspects to clear the past conditioning and recognise the powerful Being that you are.
  • This life is a short walk, it is your choice if it’s going to be a joyful and beautiful experience.
    If living this human life in Abundance, Freedom and Health are important to you – this program is for you.
  • Access to a Private FB group, weekly recorded Live calls, videos, materials and ongoing support… will be available.
  • You will also receive a bonus of a Free Individual Inner Guidance Session.
  • This Program will also offer the option of receiving a Certificate to work with and support other people using the ‘Inner Guidance Process’ if you have such plans or perhaps you’re already working that way or preparing.
  • The Certificate option will only require completing work with partners in pairs as this program requires a lot of practice. This option will give you even more opportunities to work and clear your past conditioning and get more experience working with and supporting people.
  • There will be one module dedicated to working and supporting children too.
  • This 90-Day Transformation Program Will Fit Easily Into Your Busy Schedule.

This program is a priceless investment to recognise the Divine & Powerful Being that you are, experience a joyful and happy life and support people in an inspiring and empowering way as well.  Realizing the Self is the only useful and worthy activity in this life. That’s only what really matters, everything else: family, children, friends, relationships, education, work, business… is just guiding us in that direction to recognise our True Nature 💗 You have come here to fully enjoy life, explore and evolve in this unique experience, living in your human body on this beautiful planet Earth. You are here to blossom, shine and be the best version of who you truly are.

As this program is New, I offer a special discount of 30% – £417.00 if you book until 23 April 2023. The full cost of this program is £597.00
The option of paying in instalments will be available if that’s helpful, please ask 🙂 Please sign up here to book your space.

How you explore your healing process of the past in this 90-Day Inner Guidance Program is very individual and can be easily tailored to your individual needs and what you need to work on and liberate from. Everyone is welcome 🙂 If you are only open and ready to do the necessary work and experience Freedom in your life. The more you heal the wounded aspects of the past the more of Your Inner Light will shine through you naturally, impacting you and everyone around you.

This happens naturally as we dissolve the dark, heavy old energy and transmute it into light and love energy. Darkness is only the absence of Light. Everyone around you will benefit from your transformation. This is the most inspiring and empowering to support ourselves, all humans and the entire planet!

  • Release chronic pain and improve your energy levels and physical health
  • Heal and liberate from past traumas, wounds and emotional pain
  • Experience major Transformations in your Relationships, Family, Work, Business
  • Expand your Financial Abundance, Mastering your Gifts, Become more Creative

If you want to heal from anything that is limiting you, transform your life or you know you need a change in your life and this program resonates with you, please book your place and get involved – You can sign up here

Benefit from this early special discount of 30% – £417.00 if you book until 27 August 2023. The full cost of this program is £597.00

There is no substitute for involvement! No one can do this work for you. If you want to meet the Beautiful, Divine and Powerful Being that you really are, you need to dive and experience this. There is no other way. The magic of this life has to happen first Within and then it will shine naturally through you in all aspects of your life. The only way to a Real Transformation in life is the way IN ❤️

Heal the Roots so the Tree is Stable.  You can heal any wounded aspects of the past, traumas, the deepest layers of old Imprints that block Your True Self from being able to fully express being YOU in this life.   

Most of us have suffered some level of trauma, shame, being criticized, judged or ridiculed in some way, not seen, heard, acknowledged, not supported, cared for, loved and appreciated. Or we were put down by something we expressed which created a wound inside and suppressed our creativity. It created a limiting voice within telling us we have to behave in a certain way to be accepted. AII of this prevents us from embracing all aspects of who we are and shuts down our joyful, natural creative force.
So when you have shut down your real nature, your playfulness, your spontaneous spirit and your free expression, then you are not showing up in the fullness of who you truly are. You have dimmed your light and this can cause you to feel numb, blocked, serious and limited … In which areas of your life are you not playing full out? What can you do today to break your old patterns?

Invest in Yourself! Please join to set yourself Free from any blockages and limitations that are standing in your way and not allowing you to live your life the way you truly want to experience and enjoy, being fully You, expressing freely and authentically Your Real Nature.

Gain energetic momentum, meet new like-minded friends and Experience  Your Life Transformation. Doing this together in a group is a lot easier as you will be supporting each other on this self-healing journey to be successful and it’s definitely more enjoyable.

Are You Ready for this truly transformative 90-Day online Inner Guidance Program in a kind, supportive and loving approach?

11 September – 09 December 2023, Please sign up here  SPACE IS LIMITED – JOIN NOW!

Once your payment is made you will receive an email confirmation and important information about our program and how to prepare for the 90-Day Challenge.
You will be sent a link to join the private support FB group and I invite you to join for extra support and to connect with other participants.

What My Clients say who experienced Inner Guidance before:

“Inner Guidance led by Kasia Lukasz
I experienced 3 sessions, and each of them was a very positive experience. Each time I was led to a younger version of me, each time to a different time frame that I never really thought of, or talked about and was surprised to actually remember even.
What I found fascinating was that I was able to really connect with that younger version of me. The present me was feeling sad or genuinely happy as we explored the life and event and feelings of the younger me. Vivid colours, smells, interactions and even hugs appeared in each session.
The present Aranka was shocked, surprised and very sad at times, and towards the end of each session happy about the connection with the younger Aranka.
In my current life, I have been struggling with fear and a scarcity mentality, blocking my desire to develop finer life skills, especially regarding food. During the sessions, I discovered that I had issues regarding even my jobs and relationships. I just blamed everything on my lack of willpower. However this is rooted in past traumatic events, and by making a peaceful and loving connection with my younger life, I was able to see what is hindering my progress.
After the sessions, I sat quietly and thought about what this all means, and what is it that I need to keep in mind when I make decisions.
Inner Guidance is truly a useful tool and a gentle method of digging up some dirt, sifting through and planting new seeds.
Thank you, Kasia for these amazing sessions.” ~Aranka Shkolnikov, Canada

“The Inner Guidance sessions that Kasia offers are profound and truly the most important gift – so much so that I’m finding it difficult to find the words to express the enormity of its importance. What is important is to be able to live life from your True Self and not from your mind. This is your life’s pursuit. Realizing the Self is the only useful and worthy activity in this life and Kasia has a practical modality that affects change in this area immediately. We operate in life from our distorted perceptions and thus we are blocked from bringing forth our true selves. Our “internal map” is distorted with all the fears with which we live and all the hurts and distortions from the past. We are experiencing life from a cloudy distorted lens and Kasia’s inner guidance is a modality that cleans the lens, issue by issue and then allows you to see the world clearly from your beautiful true self, your essence. And you will see an abrupt shift immediately in life, health, relationships and work. After each session, I noticed an immediate shift in my relationships and at work. I saw my true essence shining through and this is so freeing. EVERYONE WANTS THIS!! This is JOY AND FREEDOM to be who you truly are. This is the end of suffering. This is the start.
Kasia’s sessions are truly invaluable. Everyone wants this- Everyone!! But how to achieve this? Kasia has a key. OMG – Run to this!!
I’m so grateful Kasia. I am so blessed to have you pop up in my life just when I was ready. You are just exactly what I needed. Words can really not express… Thank you.” ~Marianne Luch, United States


“I felt stuck in various patterns in all areas of my life including health, relationships and career before the process.

It was a very gentle but very deep session and I identified the stuckness and then found the root cause which was that I needed to start living authentically. All my life I had always tried to put on an act to be the person others wanted me to be.

I could feel a big shift had taken place as we finished the process, like “Wow what a relief to have the freedom to be me at last!”

I have noticed things starting to shift now in all areas of my life. My relationships improved, my eating has stabilised taking me to much deeper levels physically, emotionally and spiritually and my career is heading in a new and exciting direction. Everything is just flowing and I feel freer. I feel I can be my authentic self…” Warmly, Karen Clare, UK

“I’ve been living with chronic pain off and on since I was 13 years old. Most intensely since January 24th. Now to the point where sleep is extremely challenging. After today’s practice and last week’s Inner Guidance experience, I realize not only have I not been listening to my body, heart or soul. I’ve had zero compassion because I’ve been so busy blaming, shaming, guilting, judging, ignoring, avoiding, shushing, anaesthetising, stuffing, abusing, etc. my body.

Right now all I feel is immense gratitude, compassion and appreciation for my body and how incredibly resilient it is. I started abusing my body at 10 years old. It’s a miracle it didn’t die and stay dead (died 2x @25). I’m stunned, humbled and in awe. I pray moving forward all my choices moving forward will empower and enable my body to return to Optimal Well-Being. What a ride/vortex opened here💥⚡️☄️🌟☄️⚡️💥”

I appreciate you so much for sharing this powerful process/practice with me. You are a phenomenal teacher, facilitator and guide. The way you held space for me was incredible and I treasure it. I look forward to our next session. Thank you. ~Alva G Baltimore, United States

I am really looking forward to connecting with You & supporting You in this 90-Day Inner Guidance Transformation 💗

With Love – Kasia Lukasz