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Inner Guidance – is a direct and profound way to align with the True Aspect of Who You Really Are so you are able to recognise and have clarity on what is coming from deep within and what is only created by the mind.

What has appeared, what we’ve accumulated here – has to pass. What Wasn’t Born, What Came Within – Stays & Lasts

The Inner Guidance Process is a direct way to recognise what is just temporary and passing because is coming from the mind VS. What never comes and never goes, it’s always there and available. It lasts because it’s eternal, infinite, boundless – coming from the source – the Real Divine Self That You Are.

You can leave the shadows of your past behind and align with the True Aspect of Who You Really Are to re-discover Your Inner Beauty & Greatness.

There is that within you which cannot be explained. It’s indescribable. You are like a boundless space, here is only the Self and you are that. You are that pure awareness that has always been and will always be.

Deep within yourself, you can give up the external world – mentally, not physically by not reacting to things. To observe things, watch the world go by and leave it alone. It’s neither good nor bad, it has nothing to offer you. The Inner Guidance Process is a direct way to experience that deep within.

Since I ever remember as a child I dreamed of being Santa! I imagined myself going at night to children’s houses and bringing all the things I thought they wanted. This vision stayed with me for many years… and I did support many children during that time…
Until one day when I suddenly had the realization that to be able to truly support someone is not to give them what they think they Want! But to guide them to recognise Who They Are so they can re-discover their True Nature and all their unique gifts and talents.

That realization brought me clarity that my unique gift is the ability to see in people the real gifts, talents and potential… The Divine Beauty, Light and Love that they are but often are not able to perceive and recognise all the Greatness and Abundance for themselves. The Inner Guidance Practice was the gift I was guided to receive to assist and support that recognition and the profound Self-Realization to experience that pure awareness.

Compassion Key is a very powerful and highly effective modality that uses self-directed compassion to support you with breakthroughs in every area of your life. It is a Process of Transformation and Liberation!

Our programs and conditioning from the past often put shadows and distort how we see and perceive ourselves and others, creating very distorted realities that look so real.  When we clear the old imprints, heal the wounded aspects and give ourselves compassion, we experience a sudden shift and as a result, our true essence can shine through in our life, health, relationships and work… without bending them out of shape and distorting them. 

You can heal any wounded aspects from the past, the deepest layers of old Imprints that block Your True Self from being able to fully express being YOU in this life.

The Compassion Key Healing Process will empower you to:

  •  Identify and clear the root cause of feeling frustrated, disempowered and separated from your True Nature
  •  Release chronic pain and improve your energy levels and physical health
  • Heal and liberate from past traumas, wounds and emotional pain
  • Experience major Transformations in your Relationships, Family, Work, Business
  • Expand your Financial Abundance, Mastering your Gifts
  • Surrender more deeply to your Highest Self and play your unique role, being the Most Authentic Self that you can possibly be

Are you ready to co-create a life of Joy and experience the human phenomenon on this planet in Abundance, Freedom and Love?

About Kasia Lukasz

How I Support My Clients:  Health – Spiritual –  Purpose – Prosperity

I support Health & Spiritual Seekers to heal naturally and transform their lives with Holistic Detox, Fruits, The Natural Human Diet, Fasting, Inner Guidance and Self-Directed Compassion. We can clear the root causes of suffering whether physical, mental or emotional to embrace life on this planet, in all aspects and glory. We are here to enjoy the experience of life, not to suffer and struggle. We all have the ability to heal from any form of suffering, trauma or pain, clear anything that is not supportive and transform our life. Compassion Key sessions offer a safe way to heal wounded aspects with self-directed compassion in a very effective and powerful way.

What is the area of Focus that is going to Unlock the most for You? If you look at your life right now – what is the 1 Thing that if we could change, would reduce suffering the most in your life or cause the Greatest Joy?

Holistic Support – for optimal health of body, mind, emotions and energy in Prosperity Abundance & Freedom.

After applying Compassion Key Method for several months to finally clear my own health issues and emotional struggles, then supporting other people – I found Compassion Key to be a profound tool, extremely effective and perfectly synergistic with the holistic detox & healing work. Compassion Key has become an integral component of my healing sessions.

Inner Guidance & Compassion Key Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes

Single session £120 – 25% Off First Session: £90   Please book your First Single Session here  

Pack of 5 Sessions: £500   Please book your Pack of 5 Sessions here

Pack of 10 Sessions: £900  Please book your Pack of 10 Sessions here

What My Clients say about their experience:

“I am amazed at how I’ve changed completely on this 90-Day Holistic Detox.

When I joined I was suffering from clinical depression, confusion of mind, crippling anxiety and severe anorexia that had me in hospital many times. I was dependant on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and tranquillizers.
I was in and out of psychiatric hospitals since I was 18, sometimes so sedated I could hardly walk or open my eyes. I had no confidence and for many many years did not speak.
I had been kept in mental bondage by Psychiatrists, Drs and Dietitians but now I have freed myself from all those unhealthy, damaging beliefs with Kasia’s gentle loving guidance.

Since joining the holistic detox I’ve been totally and completely healed. I am medication free, no more depression, no more confusion of mind, no more anxiety, no more stress.
My sleep has improved greatly too, I sleep deeply and very well every night, I’ve never been able to do that before.
I have found the peace, joy and happiness I’ve been looking for since I was 16 years old, I am now 61. I am so free in every way.

I have done, since on this holistic detox, and am doing, a lot of enjoyable work on my self. It’s really enjoyable, discovering and practicing new ways of eating and learning about detoxing my body, which I am doing by eating whole fresh fruit (currently melons and apples) and getting amazing results.
I’ve stopped taking damaging, useless vitamin and mineral supplements too, renewing old unhealthy, damaging ways of thinking. I make mistakes in between, but I learn from my mistakes and the results are peace and joy and this wonderful happiness.

It’s been so good to be doing this holistic detox with like-minded lovely people. Kasia is the most excellent coach I could ever ask for, I really do resonate with her. I have found the Compassion Key sessions very healing and wonderful experiences for me, also the Inner Guidance sessions are so freeing, they have helped me so much.
I have gained so much confidence too. It’s just so wonderful. I’m learning to love myself and be kind and gentle to myself.” ~Hannah from the UK

“Summer 06’ I was meditating in my backyard and received the insight “The key to life is Living from the Inside Out”. When I opened my eyes there was a large butterfly 🦋 hanging out with me and I knew something big had happened. It was for sure a life-changing moment that only now I am experiencing ITS meaning “Know thy Self.”

Inner Guidance has opened up a connection with my True Self (not who others say I am but who I was and am before accepting labels, identities, conditioning, etc.). The beauty of this process it invites me to stop, breathe, tune IN, drop from the mind into the body, feel what’s happening, ask what’s going on, when/where did it start and what’s needed to release it and what supportive action best supports me moving forward.

I grew up thinking everyone outside of me knew what was best for me, and had all the answers. All the while something inside was telling me it wasn’t so. I spent years shushing that voice with a multitude of distractions and addictions. Thanks to Inner Guidance and Kasia’s amazing facilitation I am finally HOME which is a gift 🎁 beyond words.

What I Know for sure is everything I (WE) need is within, always has been and always will be. My (Our) job is to get still, ask, listen and act. Sometimes I start my day tapping into Inner Guidance or when I feel out of sorts. My heart’s desire is to live my life from the Inside Out tuned into Inner Guidance. As a result of this practice, ❤️ I am happier, 🧡 experiencing more self-acceptance & appreciation, 💛 moving through experiences more and more remembering Life supports me, 💚 feeling joy, 💙 Trusting Life, myself, my body and others more. 💜

I’ve been trying to like, love and want to be myself since elementary school. To want to be me. To want to be happy, enjoy life, to want to live. I tried drugs, therapy, plant medicines, food, money, sex, shopping, people pleasing, etc. to get here 🤍. In 4 months of working with Kasia and this practice, I am excited about life, grateful to be alive, happy to be me, healing deeply and eager to share Life is supposed to be fun. Freedom, unconditional love, peace, vibrant health, ease, joy, abundance and creativity, is our True Nature 🕉 ” ~Alva G Baltimore, United States

“I started off the detox well at the beginning but became discouraged when I eat unhealthy food again and let my negative thoughts win. The mind is powerful but I’ve learnt I don’t have to listen to those thoughts anymore. I can tune into my heart instead and use this to override those thoughts.

I’ve had a few calls with Kasia who has given me wonderful support, encouragement and guidance and made me realise I was being too hard on myself. I can go slow without feeling like a failure and learn to be more compassionate to myself by tuning into my heart and higher self rather than listening to the constant negative chatter in my head saying “you screwed up so just give up.” Nope, I won’t. That’s not what my heart says. My heart says “you can do this. You are worth this. You got this. Go gently. Be kind to yourself.”

Thank you, Kasia for the invaluable guidance. The Inner Guidance Process you shared with me last night had a powerful effect and a huge lightbulb 💡 moment.
And the work we did with my inner child was amazing. She feels so much better and safer now.
Yes, we are more powerful than we realise. Looking forward to learning even more 🙏❤️”  Lenora Barcley, UK

“I felt stuck in various patterns in all areas of my life including health, relationships and career before the process.

It was a very gentle but very deep session and I identified the stuckness and then found the root cause which was that I needed to start living authentically. All my life I had always tried to put on an act to be the person others wanted me to be.

I could feel a big shift had taken place as we finished the process, like “Wow what a relief to have the freedom to be me at last!”

I have noticed things starting to shift now in all areas of my life. Relationships improved, my eating has stabilised taking me to much deeper levels physically, emotionally and spiritually and my career is heading in a new and exciting direction. Everything is just flowing and I feel freer. I feel I can be my authentic self… Warmly, Karen Clare, UK

“I’ve been living with chronic pain off and on since I was 13 years old. Most intensely since January 24th. Now to the point where sleep is extremely challenging. After today’s practice and last week’s Compassion Key experience, I realize not only have I not been listening to my body, heart or soul. I’ve had zero compassion because I’ve been so busy blaming, shaming, guilting, judging, ignoring, avoiding, shushing, anaesthetising, stuffing, abusing, etc. my body.

Right now all I feel is immense gratitude, compassion and appreciation for my body and how incredible resilient it is. I started abusing my body at 10 years old. It’s a miracle it didn’t die and stay dead (died 2x @25). I’m stunned, humbled and in awe. I pray moving forward all my choices moving forward will empower and enable my body to return to Optimal Well-Being. What a ride/vortex opened here💥⚡️☄️🌟☄️⚡️💥”

I appreciate you so much for sharing this powerful process/practice with me. You are a phenomenal teacher, facilitator and guide. The way you held space for me was incredible and I treasure it. I look forward to our next session. Thank you. ~Alva G Baltimore, United States

“I just had my one-on-one with Kasia, where she guided me through the compassion key. The session was beautiful. I entered the session feeling very emotional, fatigued and feeling lost about this journey.
But at the end of our session, all the sadness and emotions were gone. I felt peaceful and calm. More self-love. More knowing everything is OK and I’m in the right place at this moment in time. Everything is perfect.
One of the messages that came through from my higher self at the end of the session was to tell myself over and over again as often as possible: I love you, I love you, I love you. And when possible, touch my body all over, very gently and lovingly, while I say: I love you. I’ve been doing it since the end of the call. And it feels so nourishing.
My energy is returning through this process and through Kasia’s soothing voice.
Thank you so much, Kasia. You really are a special woman!” K.L.

Kasia is a true angel, who has been helping me so much with her incredible “Compassion Key” process, where she guides me with love and gentleness on a journey back to myself….to my inner child, where I am able to go to the root cause, to the core wound and bring compassion to that version of me who didn’t get what she needed or felt afraid or confused. She helps me alchemize that moment, and integrate my inner child into the version of me now, so I can be more whole and happy today in life and in my relationships, letting go of those stuck emotions and what’s holding me back. This has been supporting me immensely on my path, especially as I’m detoxing and feeling many repressed emotions coming up. ~Aline Habib, Canada

“Dear Kasia, Thank you so much for your support! Kasia is such a friendly presence to work with and she gives you room to explore your topic and heal from deep within. Much gratitude! ~S.B., Cornwall

Kasia, you are a great teacher who brings wisdom and intelligent awareness… being able to endure sadness and learn from it happily has many advantages of its own.
Thank you so much for your support and comfort. I am feeling strong enough after your valuable and deep counselling session. It was really so helpful and so heart-touching, dear Kasia. 🙏

I do not know how to express my appreciation in the correct way and I am sending you the very best of my vibes. You are a true miracle on my way to healing. Thank you so much, Kasia. I am so grateful for your kindness.