Holistic Detox Program

30-Day Holistic DETOX Program 

Do you suffer from any of these problems: acne or skin conditions, sugar addiction, emotional eating/binge eating, lack of energy/fatigue, insecurity, lack of clarity in life, extra weight…  Over 100 Symptoms Are Linked To The Physical And Emotional Stress Caused By Toxins.

Know that you are not alone. I have experienced these issues myself and I found solutions, so I may be able to assist you to overcome your challenges as well and transform your life!

For many years I was experiencing the need for eating something sweet every day. I would go to a supermarket every afternoon to get a pack of cookies or chocolate and finish it on my way home. It became a habit, I was doing it every day.

I was facing so many health issues at that time like acne, colds with a nasty dry cough that would last even a few weeks, I felt very tired and couldn’t wake up in the morning. There was no clarity in my life, I felt insecure and didn’t want to go out to meet with other people.

All this felt normal as I wasn’t aware that SUGAR was controlling my life. The craving was winning with me and I was indulging in the variety of sweetness and other foods. I wasn’t aware of what was causing my challenges.

When I was able to see and admit that I was ADDICTED to sugar, I’ve decided immediately to change my way of eating and work with emotions to support my transition. Raw Plant-Based Diet and awareness is definitely the first step to heal and transform!

Why I offer this program?

After many years of struggling with sugar addiction, acne, emotional eating, fatigue, health issues and searching to experience freedom – I finally discovered the key answer to resolve the challenges, gain inner trust and liberation. I have met my real self and understood that creating space for others to experience such realisation and transformation is the next step for me to take to contribute and help others evolve and discover themselves.

Being aware that many people struggle in this new situation that we are experiencing now, I’ve decided to offer the 30-Day online Detox Program to give you the first step to a better understanding of your system, health issues and how to solve them.

I will share my experience, what worked for me and create the necessary space for you and guide you every day to detox from everything that is not serving you. Being in such a supportive space starts the process of healing, helps to relax and trust yourself.

If you have been eating the wrong kind of food for so long, your body may have become so lethargic and dense that you cannot notice anything. You are not even aware of what you don’t know because it’s beyond your ability of perception.

Food that is not good for your body, but eating for a longer period of time can create some numbness in your system; it also impacts the way you think and feel, and it can lead to many disorders. In such a case, cleansing with juices or fasting with water will give you a break. It will work as a reset point and bring your energy back to balance.

As we detox, it’s not only our physical body that is cleansing, in fact, we detox our entire system – body, mind, emotions and energy. The 30-Day Detox Program is created the way that you don’t really learn anything new but you rather unlearn what is blocking you from understanding your system, who you really are and why you are struggling in life.

Inner trust is a beautiful feeling which helps to simplify your life and resolve problems. It leads you to discover that you were born with the right to love and freedom because you are love, it’s not what you have – Love is what you Are!

Many of us search in life going through lots of challenges and can’t find the answers. If you feel in some way lost and tired, a constant need of getting somewhere but you don’t actually know where, if you’re not happy and would like to know yourself better – I invite you to detox, face the challenges that you’re experiencing and find solutions.

Remember – issues like acne, addiction, emotional/binge eating, depression, fatigue, extra weight… are the symptoms that your body is sending you and communicating with you that you are out of balance. The health challenges are your guidelines to bring your system back to balance and ease.

What you will experience in the program: 

  • RAW Plant-Based Foods, gluten & wheat-free, refined sugar-free, low-calorie and nut-free guidance if required
  • Meal plan and guidance with preparing the food 
  • Fresh Whole Fruit Cleanse to  hydrate and detoxify, bring balance to your body system or water fast if you prefer
  • Boosting and Nutritious Raw Whole Plant-Based Foods – You will learn how to make simple Plant-Based Smoothies, Salads, Dressings, Raw Nutritious Dips, including Vibrant Desserts & Treats


  • Creating new supportive and empowering ways to set off for a conscious eating journey
  • Simple yet powerful and unique tools and guidance to organise your system so it works for you, not against you
  • Emotional Eating – identify the emotions behind the foods you’re craving for and working with emotions
  • Guidance and support every day – Access to a Private FB Group
  • Social Evenings with Q&A and a possibility to discuss individual topics/challenges
  • Connecting with nature, walking, dance, gentle exercises, yoga practices to support detoxification
  • Set for your own life Adventure – an invitation to experience something new!

The most important work that you must do in your life, is to recognise your True Nature and who you really are!

What exactly you are getting! The 30-Day online Detox Program Structure :

3 Modules x 10 Days = 30-Day Program

Module 1 – The first 10 Days will be dedicated to preparing the foundation for the entire program which is probably the most important part for your detox to be really successful. You can’t just jump into detox or fast, you need to prepare your body and mind.

This includes preparing your mindset and body to cleanse, planning and organising all fresh produce that you need for your detox and any other equipment. You will be sent a list of what exactly you will need so please don’t buy anything in advance.

Module 2 – 10 Days – In this module, you will experience the actual detox. You will choose if you want to cleanse with juices, smoothies or fast with water. Alternatively, we can discuss another individual way of detoxing for you if there is such demand.

You will receive recipes of 10 different juices /smoothies to make and guidance on how to do the shopping. There are videos available for you to use demonstrating preparing juices/smoothies and raw plant-based meals. Additionally, I will be making fresh juices on live calls in the Private FB Group to have more guidance available and a possibility to ask questions and discuss anything related to juicing, detoxing, and fasting.

Module 3 – 10 Days – Coming out of Detox/fast. It’s very important to prepare your body for detox, but it is equally important how you come out of detox or fast. You will be guided step by step on how to do this.

You will be also learning about how to make the right choices of food for your body. We will discuss the importance of food combinations and how to prepare your food the way that works best for your body system.

The last 10 days will be really fun as the detox will be over – you will meet the ‘New You’ with new energy and you will be involved in creating beautiful meals with live vibrant fresh produce.


This is an online Detox Retreat taking place in your home space and having me guiding you when you need it.

The total value of this Program – step by step guidance and support that you receive during the 30 days is £997.

However, as my contribution during this global transformation, I’m delighted to offer a special price for this program and make it available for everyone. If you’re willing to put in the work and commit to transforming your life, then I offer you this Detox Program for a special price of only £97.00 for a limited time until 23 May 2021.

Please sign up here  SPACE IS LIMITED – so Please JOIN NOW!

Live Q&A sessions will be available once a week. Additionally ongoing support and Live demos/calls in the Private FB group. I will be available to answer questions, offer the guidance and support you need in this program.

IMPORTANT Information:

During detox, as you cleanse, it is very common that emotions come up and this is a perfect opportunity to recognise them and release them from your system. If you require a more individual approach and support during this time, I offer an option with 4 Individual Sessions for additional guidance, support and questions you may have. I know that not everyone wants to share what they are experiencing in a group and prefer a 1 to 1 call to discuss things and ask questions.

If you feel you would like a more individual approach and guidance during this Detox – Please book this option with 4 Personal Sessions – 1 hour each, and benefit from extra support and guidance to discuss whatever you’re experiencing.

30-Day Personal Detox Program with 4 Individual Sessions – £497.00  You can sign up for this Personal option here

Once your payment is made you will receive an email confirmation of booking and important information about the program.
You will also receive a link to join a Private FB group, it is an invitation to join, which I recommend for extra support, however, it is not compulsory.

If you sign up but don’t receive a confirmation email with an info pack, please check your spam or email us at info@pranicliving.net

Disclaimer – This program will work for every person differently. Many aspects and factors are impossible to predict so I can’t guarantee your outcome. However, if what I share here resonates with you and you commit 100%, there is a big chance that this program will bring transformation to your life.

Please sign up here to book your spot – LIMITED Time – until 23 May this 30-Day DETOX Program is only £97.00 – after that, the cost is £197.00

If there was only one thing to grasp and take it away from this Detox, one aspect that you could most benefit from – it would be definitely to experience the realisation to your natural state, to recognise what’s true and real and what’s not – to be able to see who you truly are and lead your life!

Invest your life in what you really care for and what brings you joy. Our life is a short walk, it is a gift that you can turn into a beautiful and profound experience.

Really looking forward to connecting with You in the 30-Day Detox Program.

With Love – Kasia Lukasz