Holistic Detox Program

90-Day Holistic DETOX Program 03 July – 30 September 2022

This Program offers guidance to experience Detox in-depth. Detox is a Biological Process, something that only the body can do. Only the body itself can take the action to clean itself.  We can’t speed the process, the body is a self-directing and self-healing system, we can only support it to do the detox.

You’re pushed now to evolve and start living as a conscious being, without beliefs, identifications, habits etc that are not even yours. You’ve accumulated them in your life from your society, it’s not something you were born with, it’s not part of your True Self.

This is more relevant now than ever before as we’re experiencing a huge transformation globally which requires letting go of the old system and the way we used to live. Now we are required to release what we have accumulated, which includes all the toxic build-up in the physical body but also detoxing the mind, emotions and energy as well.

Everyone will experience the process of Detox very individually, however certain aspects can be more universal and typical for most people. In every case, Detox is a Self-Healing Process that only the body can do.

For most people Detoxing the body takes some time which requires understanding the different symptoms you might be experiencing, which sometimes can be difficult to deal with and challenging – that was my experience as well.

How will this work?

You will have access to ongoing guidance and support in a private FB group and you will be guided on how to approach the process of Detoxing on all levels, not only the physical but also emotional, mental and energetical.

Additionally, you will also have access to an evening live call once a week with Q&A and the opportunity to share and discuss anything related to this program and your experience.

You will be guided to support this Holistic Detox process with nutritious raw plant-based foods, fruits and fasting according to your individual needs and requirements to help your system with cleansing and release toxins.

There is a  Guidance available for Fruit & Food Combining for Optimal Digestion.

You will have access to a private FB  group with other participants and a conscious community so you can support each other and meet new like-minded friends. Please join the group to benefit from being surrounded by positive energy and higher vibrations. This is very important that you connect with other beings who will inspire you and keep you accountable!

As a consequence of that shift and transformation, you will be able to experience your life with more ease and flow, have clarity on what actions to take, whether to do this job or not, you will have more inner trust and feel more balanced and harmony within yourself.

The more you Let Go of the past beliefs, conditioning and patterns the closer you feel and see who you truly are. The more you Let Go of any concepts you may have accumulated over the years in your life – the clearer you feel and experience Your True Nature the way it really is and the way it wants to express itself in this physical world.

If you want to recognise Your True Nature and discover Your Real Self I invite you to join me in the 90-Day Holistic Detox Program that is available Now. You can sign up here or get in touch to discuss this option in more detail.

Once you Let Go of any attachments, your past memories and projections of the future you will see and know that whatever you experience is only the Infinite NOW. When you leave your mind aside and don’t engage with it, you will recognise what is real in your life and what is not, and you will meet Your Self as you have never imagined before!

To Meet Your Self doesn’t require you to go anywhere and search as many people do. There is no need to travel to India or even take on long spiritual practices.
What you’re searching for it has always existed within you. You just need to Declutter and take off all the layers you have put on to be able to see this and start living as truly YOU.

If you want to Find Your Self, the Original Authentic Self that You Are – you need to Let Go of all the concepts that you have and discover Your True Nature – Your Beautiful Ultimate Self that wants to manifest in this life as truly as possible. Find Your Self and allow Your True Self to BE.

If this feels right & resonates with you and you would like to receive guidance and support with the Holistic Detox – please join me for the 90-Day Holistic Detox Program 03 July – 30 September 2022 – this Program is Available Now at a special Offer for only 50% if you book until 25th June 2022!

Please sign up here to JOIN the 90-Day Holistic Detox Program for only £199.00 – this special offer of 50% is valid until 25th June 2022 – SPACE IS LIMITED!

Once your payment is made you will receive an email confirmation and how to prepare for the 90-Day Program.
You will also receive a link to join a Private FB group and I invite you to join for extra support and to connect with other participants.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you in July 2022 💗

With Love