Fruit Nourishment

The Natural Human Diet

Whole Fresh Fruits, soft tender leafy greens/lettuces, and small amounts of seed & nuts are the Optimal Living Nourishment for Humans to thrive on. Become aware of what you eat, and how you digest, assimilate and eliminate. Explore the amazing abundance of the Fruit Kingdom to Hydrate & Nourish your body in an optimal way to enjoy the human life experience here!


Include High Water Content Fruits in your meal every day. Fruits are the most optimal choice to hydrate and nourish your body on the cellular level with structured water & nutrients. They are perfect as nature created, ready to be eaten! Adapt Fruit as Mono Meals to experience optimal digestion and assimilation.



Learn how to make Simple Meals that are the optimal way to digest, assimilate and then eliminate. The fewer ingredients the easier it is to digest for our body; “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”.  Opting for simple meals also allows the body to use less energy – we dedicate about 50% of our energy to digesting!



Grow a Mini Garden in your kitchen! It’s easy, fun and you always have fresh living food at home! Add soft tender leafy greens & micronutrients to salads and other meals! Growing your own sprouts it’s also easy & quick, a good source of plant protein if you want to add more to your meals.

RE-USE packaging to grow your own leafy greens at home. By re-using empty boxes and containers you will really help to keep the environment clean, it is your home. You will also benefit from having fresh plants in your kitchen, whenever you need them, and you will be surrounded by beautiful and vibrant energy. These leafy soft tender greens are amazing for your simple green salads – a great plant source of protein, very hydrating, and easy to digest & assimilate 💚