Fruit Detox Challenge

30-Day FRUIT DETOX Challenge Coming Soon!

This 30-Day Fruit Detox Challenge will be available soon as a Self-Guided online program.

Most people carry old dry waste in their body on average about 20+ pounds/10kg – congested with undigested food, mucus, acids, chemicals, parasites, mucoid plaque… accumulated since childhood. Elvis Presley had 40 pounds of waste in his colon at the time of his autopsy! No surprise he died of a heart attack only at the age of 42.

Over 100 Symptoms Are Linked To The Physical And Emotional Stress Caused By Toxins! Detox is essential to get your health back. There is only one disease, and that’s toxaemia, and it manifests in thousands of different ways  – what we call ‘diseases’. Most health issues are Self-Created! So if your body created them… It can also heal… The first step is to Hydrate & Detox Your Body to remove the old, hard, dry waste for your body to cleanse & heal. Healing is a Biological Process. Medicinal Substances are Always Toxic! Nothing Heals Your Body – Only The Body Can Heal Itself!

Equally important is to heal and detox the mind, even more important! A toxic body usually goes in pairs with a toxic mind that displays a false reality and turns into our biggest enemy. It can create such a distorted perception that we are not able to see, feel and perceive anything in life the way it is, including ourselves. Our mind is a great tool if used properly and when needed as our Friend & Supporter, and we can certainly experience that when we detox & heal the mind.

For many years I was experiencing sugar addiction and a very strong attachment to food. I was facing so many health issues at that time like acne, colds with a nasty dry cough that would last even a few weeks, headache and sinus pain, eye allergies & dry eyes… I felt very tired and couldn’t wake up in the morning. There was no clarity in my life, I felt insecure and didn’t want to go out to meet with other people.

All this felt normal as I wasn’t aware that SUGAR was controlling my life. The craving was winning with me and I was indulging in the variety of sweetness and other foods. I wasn’t aware of what was causing my challenges.

When I was able to see and admit that I was ADDICTED to sugar, which was directly linked to my health problems, I decided immediately to change my way of eating. Awareness, Hydration with High Water Content Fruit to Detox & Implementing a Raw Fruit-Based diet is definitely the first step to healing and transforming!

Why do I offer this program?

After many years of struggling with health issues and searching to experience freedom – I finally discovered the key answer to resolving the challenges, gaining inner trust and liberation. Being aware that many people are experiencing similar health problems, I’ve decided to offer the 30-Day Fruit Detox Program to give you the first step to a better understanding of your system, why we experience health issues and how to heal from them completely naturally.

If you have been eating the standard diet for so long, your body may have become so lethargic, toxic and dense that you cannot notice anything. You are not even aware of what you don’t know because it’s beyond your ability to perceive.

Meat, dairy products, processed, & junk food, rice, pasta, grains, and all cooked food even vegan cause a lot of toxicity as these are not designed for the human body. It also impacts the way you think and feel, and it leads to many disorders. In such a case, cleansing with fruits or fasting with water will give you a break. It will work as a reset point and bring your energy back to balance.

All health issues are the symptoms that your body is sending and communicating that you are out of balance and your body is attempting to heal. The health challenges are your guidelines to bring your system back to ease.

As we detox, it’s not only our physical body that is cleansing we detox our entire system – body, mind, emotions and energy. The 30-Day Fruit Detox Program invites you to implement fruits in a way that works best for you. This Fruit Journey is very easy and enjoyable, it feels like having a fruit dessert hydrating and nourishing your body. Only High Water Content Fruits will Nourish and Hydrate you on a Cellular Level.


What you will experience in the program: 

  • Fresh, Ripe & High Water Content Fruits. Very simple, easy to digest & low-calorie Fruit-Based meals
  • Meal plan and guidance with preparing the food and fruit combining 
  • Fruit Nourishment to  Hydrate and Detox so your body can start slowly cleansing itself to remove the old waste
  • Creating new supportive and empowering ways to set off for a conscious and optimal way to nourish our body
  • Simple yet powerful and unique tools and guidance to organise your system so it works for you, not against you
  • Emotional Eating Support – identify the emotions behind the foods you’re craving and work with emotions
  • Connecting with nature, walking, dancing, gentle exercises/moving the body to support detoxification
  • Set for your life Adventure – an invitation to experience something new!

The most important work that you must do in your life, is to recognise your True Nature & Who You Really Are!

This online Detox Fruit Challenge is the first step and introduction to experiencing that profound process. 

I’m delighted to offer this Challenge now as a Self-Guided Program and if you are open and committed to transforming your life please do offer yourself that opportunity to be the Priorioty in your life and get involved.

30-Day Fruit Detox Challenge in your own space and time Please sign up here for ONLY £? 

What My Clients Say:

“7 days ago, I started the 30-Day Fruit Detox journey. Where I live, we have pineapples, bananas, mangoes, avocados, lemons, cucumbers and acai berries in season.
A typical day has been a full mono meal, pineapple for breakfast, lettuce salad with papaya or mango with lemons, banana, pineapple for dinner or acai bowl with bananas.
My dreams have been more vivid. I was amazed at how light, clear, lean and vibrant I have been feeling inside out.
Even more surprising was during a workout at the gym where I felt energetic and full of life. Furthermore, I lost 4kg during the week!!
This journey is peeling off layers of old programming about a fruit-only diet. My experience so far has been mind-blowing….” ~Karina


“Kasia’s Fruit Detox is ahhhmazing. I signed up when experiencing excruciating sciatic pain (a fancy word for inflammation caused by toxic overload) with the intention of lightening my body’s load. I discovered I love how eating lightly and beginning my day with spring water rather than coffee makes me feel.
I learned the body is self-cleansing, self-healing and self-thriving when supported with the best nutrition for it to operate optimally. This discovery led me to the realization the body can heal from anything when the proper conditions are in place.
Fruit feasting showed me how dehydrated my body was and within 2 weeks my elimination was regular with no external supplements.
Fruit detoxing has turned into the ultimate journey of self-love and self-care and the most extraordinary relationship with my body. Hydration (fruit and water), rest, sunlight and movement are what it craves most which I was completely oblivious to prior to the Fruit Detox.
Kasia is a magnificent guide and coach and is so wise all because of her experience. She helped me see how being so impatient and judgmental with myself was harmful and slowing down my body’s healing work. I now know my optimal day is starting the day sipping spring water and eating melon (they’re my jam) as my first meal and my last meal and/or the occasional very, very simple salad.
If you’re ready to physically feel better and be more in tune with your body sign-up. Just do it! Participating in Fruit Detox is the best investment in your vitality, peace, joy, love and freedom. I promise you won’t regret it.” ~Namastè, Alva Godèava Baltimore.


-Day Fruit Detox Challenge 02-31 January 2023 – Only £77.00 if you book until 15th December 2022!

Once your payment is made you will receive an email confirmation of the booking and important information about the program.
You will also receive a link to join a Private FB group, it is an invitation to join, which I recommend for extra support, however, it is not compulsory.

If you sign up but don’t receive a confirmation email with an info pack, please check your spam or email us at

Disclaimer – This program will work for every person differently. Many aspects and factors are impossible to predict so I can’t guarantee your outcome. However, if what I share here resonates with you and you commit 100%, there is a big chance that this program will bring transformation to your life.

Please sign up here  to Transform Your Life

If there was only one thing to grasp and take it away from this Detox experience, one aspect that you could most benefit from – it would be definitely to experience the realisation of your natural state, to recognise what’s true and real and what’s not – to be able to see who you truly are and lead your life!

Invest your life in what you really care for and what brings you joy. Our life is a short walk, it is a gift that you can turn into a beautiful and profound experience. New Year – New Powerful You!

Really looking forward to connecting with You in the 30-Day Detox Program.

With Love – Kasia Lukasz

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