Dry Fasting

In my first 5 day dry fasting, I healed completely leaky gut syndrome, candida is gone after 15 years, my blood circulation, skin and hair improved enormously, and I almost stopped sweating, so I don’t use deodorants any more. Amazing results in such a short time!

The ancient health benefits of dry fasting are very powerful. Dry fasting can be extremely beneficial to cell regeneration and repair, you can reverse a lot of damage that happened in your body and many diseases; the healing is so profound.

Dry fasting has been practiced by many cultures and religions through history around the world. Our ancestors and biblical forefathers fasted for a long time. When we are unwell, we naturally stop eating, our body is so intelligent and it knows how to heal, we just need to give it a chance to do it; animals also instinctively stop eating when they’re sick.

Dry fasting, as the name suggests – no water, no food at all, not consuming any type of physical foods or liquids. Fasting removes a lot of toxicity but the process is different in a dry fast vs. water fast, the toxins are burned up inside of every cell. It is considered that each day of detoxification in a dry fast is equivalent to 3 days of a water fast, so you definitely accomplish a lot more in a shorter time.

Healing starts when eating stops!

Eliminating food completely allows your body to rest and heal, and it gives the opportunity to burn what wasn’t digested and metabolised. Be aware that in general, we eat far too much and often not the right things, or the way the food shouldn’t be combined together, so it’s really difficult to digest. Dry fasting also allows to starve the parasites in your body; yes everyone has got them!

Fasting removes a lot of toxicity in our body and eliminating the negative content of what we consume and experience, allows our body to rest, heal and then regenerate. This refers not only to food, but also emotions. Dry fasting is also very beneficial for your emotions and mental state. You can eliminate many emotions like sadness, anxiety, anger or resentment, because we hold those emotions physically. So when you allow the time and space to digest and remove them, then you free yourself and align your 4 bodies: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual (they need to be in balance and harmony); and you can experience sudden shifts and feel incredibly good. During the dry fast you can experience some emotions and that’s great because you have the chance to work thorough them, they indicate what you need to work on. So instead of feeding your emotions by eating, you allow them to come to the surface, acknowledge them and release.

The big part of fasting is about disconnecting yourself from what is controlling you, and your mind. The truth is that until you experience this, and feel the difference, you will never know you were under control.

Fasting can only be challenging for your mind, not for your physical body!

So don’t be afraid of dry fast, if you do, it could be the indicator that you’re attached to food and that’s why you fear it. That was my case for many years, the attachment to food and emotions were controlling me and taking over whenever I attempted fasting, until I became aware of that disempowering pattern and how emotions controlled my eating. Only then, I was able to break free; awareness is the first step to a conscious living.

This is a great opportunity to break such attachment, it’s very powerful. Fasting can only be challenging for your mind, not for your physical body. That’s why you need to disconnect yourself from everything that is limiting you and have power over you, in order to step into your full potential and consciously create yourself and your life.

If you’re new to dry fasting, I would suggest taking a day off from work and dedicating this time fully to yourself. This would be a great opportunity to work through the emotions that will come up during the fasting, you can also relax easily if you feel you want to, and create your ‘Me Time’.

If you fast and remove the toxins, you suddenly feel like if a curtain is lifted and you’re able to see and feel for the first time in such clarity as you have never experienced before; it’s like being able to see colours for the first time. This is what happens when you remove layers of toxicity and blockages from your body, you can connect so much easier with your higher self, who communicates with you and sends you messages through your physical body. So the cleaner your body, the easier to communicate with your soul and connect with the wisdom of the Universe. Amazing clarity, visions, solutions, ideas coming to me, and feeling very much like returning to Light, and stepping into a new blissful world, was what I experienced in my 5 day dry fasting. In fact, I am dry fasting right now while writing this; now I dedicate one day a week to dry fast. I love the mental clarity and ability to focus, and the fact that I don’t have to go to the kitchen to prepare even drinks, is wonderful.

It’s very important how you break the dry fast, I would suggest starting with alkaline water, you may add some baking soda to make it alkaline and protect your kidneys and liver, but also to allow your entire body to hydrate with alkaline liquid after the fast. You can continue drinking water for a day, followed by diluted green alkalizing juice; coconut water is great as well. If you can, drink just liquids in the first few days after the dry fast, and then add smoothies, and gradually start eating fresh light meals that are easy to digest. After the fast, your cells are ready to absorb what you put into your body, but be aware that you are energy and information, and by eating you also fuel your body with new information. So assist your body wisely and create yourself consciously, as you’re the creator of your life, so be a conscious and empowering creator.

Dry fasting is a lifestyle, not a quick fix! 

Dedicate one day a week to dry fast, or if you can’t, do a water fast. Be friendly and treat your body with love and respect, it has to serve you for the entire life and you rely on it completely. Take the opportunity after dry fasting, when your body is clean, and upgrade your ways of eating, create new empowering and supportive ways that serve you well. Remember, you are energy, chose consciously what enters your body, cut low vibrational foods like processed food, meat, dairy, gluten and replace them with fresh, alkaline, living foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink fresh juices which are amazing for supplying your body with nutrients, and your body doesn’t need to use any energy to digest them. Allow your body to guide you and chose the foods that are good for you, and will raise your vibrations. By fasting and eating the right foods you’re investing in yourself and rewarding your body, think in long terms, not just for now.

Your body is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what to do when you allow for dry fasting; it starts by burning everything that is nonessential and harmful to the body. It cleans and heals itself during the dry fast, and after you experience amazing state physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you become really present. The only way to understand such blissful and fulfilling state and what happens during the dry fasting is to experience that for yourself. Be your own doctor, heal yourself and empower, no one knows better than you, what is happening in your body; it is your Temple.

Extended version about Dry Fasting, including guidance for breaking free from addictions and emotional eating, will be available in my forthcoming book: “From Sugar Addiction to living on Light & Energy”, coming out this autumn 2018.

Be Healthy & Empowered, Happy Fasting ♥♥

Kasia xx