Compassion Key

Compassion Key Method Self Directed Compassion to clear the root causes of diseases and suffering, the deepest layers of karmic Imprints that block Our True Self from being able to fully express in this life.

How I support my clients

I guide Health & Spiritual Seekers to identify and clear the root causes of diseases & suffering to embrace life on this planet, in all aspects and glory. We are here to enjoy the experience of life, not to suffer and struggle. We can heal from any form of suffering, clear anything that is not supportive and transform our life.

Holistic Support – for optimal health of body, mind, heart and spirit – Health, Spiritual, Money, Purpose

After applying Compassion Key Method for several months to finally clear my own health issues and emotional struggles, then supporting other people – I found Compassion Key to be a profound tool, extremely effective and perfectly synergistic with the holistic detox & healing work. Compassion Key has become an integral component of my healing sessions.

Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes

Single session £200 – 50% Off First Session

Pack of 5 Sessions: £800

Pack of 10 Sessions: £1500