Kasia Łukasz Offers Holistic Guidance for Health & Spiritual Seekers to transform their health and lives completely naturally with Holistic Detox, Fruits, The Natural Human Diet, Fasting & Self-Directed Compassion 🧡💚

Kasia founded PRANIC LIVING to contribute to raising human consciousness. To set a good example and invite people to implement Fruit Nourishment – The Natural Human Diet, living as nature intended, being Nature. Her commitment is to raise awareness and inspire people to take responsibility for their own well-being and live happy, healthy and joyful lives! What truly matters in this human life here, is how profound and beautiful is your experience.

Kasia continues to promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle and to inspire others by sharing her experience and knowledge on Social Media,  online programs and her eBooks. She also works HOLISTICALLY with those who want to live consciously guiding them in their self-discovery journey, assisting and equipping them with the necessary tools, to gain clarity and trust. To find inner freedom, and most importantly, discover who they are, and enjoy the life process!

Kasia found her True Freedom of eating in the Power of Fruit Nourishment after overcoming long food addiction, emotional eating, acne, allergies, digesting issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue and many health issues! Transitioning to fruit nourishment and finally discovering the key answers to resolve all the challenges, has revolutionised her understanding of how to truly nourish our bodies for optimal health, and find inner trust and liberation!

Being aware that many people struggle in this new situation that we’re experiencing now globally, Kasia offers an opportunity for other people to experience such realization and transformation as well. Pranic Living serves here as a platform to create a safe space and offer support and guidance in the process of your evolvement and transformation – please connect with us!


In June – July 2021, I underwent a water-only fast under Kasia’s guidance with the intention of (1) gaining mastery over my excessive eating habits and (2) possibly healing my persistent hormonal cystic acne. It has now been several weeks since the fast, and as I had hoped, I have been able to form a far healthier relationship with my food; my skin has shown marked improvement also (and continues to heal). My experience with Kasia has been an extremely positive and transformative one. Not only did she create a detox program personally tailored to suit my individual needs and preferences, but she was also always readily available to answer my questions and concerns – before, during, and after the fasting process. We regularly touched base via video chat to discuss how I was feeling about my progress. Having someone experienced to guide me through my first ever water-fast, and having a space to share, be vulnerable and connect with MYSELF with that guidance, has been absolutely invaluable. I highly recommend working with Kasia, without reservation, to anyone seeking experienced guidance with holistic inner work, and/or help with emotional as well as physical healing. Jung Soo Lee

Thank you, Kasia for a wonderful experience of the 30-day Raw Food Challenge, inspiration and guidance as well as so many great ideas for raw meals. I have indeed stopped cooking my food altogether during the process and I feel great! This process also helped me to get rid of all symptoms of tree pollen allergy I have suffered from for a few years. Thank you 🌹 Dorota Reeves