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Plant-Based ADVENTURE  10 Ways to Explore RAW Foods

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!

Food should fuel your body and provide optimal nourishment and energy for your well-being. 

The food that you consume is the building material for your body – what you eat today becomes your body tomorrow! 

Live consciously, approach what you eat and how you eat consciously, according to your body needs, not social or family tradition and trends. Experiment with food and observe how you feel after eating. Is your body active and alive, or is what you’re eating taking energy from you? Make conscious decisions and choose wisely what is suitable for your body to feel energised.

Our human body consists of 72% water so we need to consume water-rich fruits and vegetables. Plant foods are literally sunlight in the form of food. A broad variety of Fruits and Leafy Greens are the most important foods to focus on and bring a wide spectrum of nutrients. When you eat them raw, uncooked not only you supply your body with enzymes, micronutrients, phytonutrients, hydration, but you also raise your body’s vibration.  You will feel the impact immediately.

The food that you eat impacts directly your vibrational frequency; the way you feel, think and what you manifest in your life.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication! Food Combining is very important! The simpler the food the easier for your body to digest and metabolise. Aim to eat simply for the best digestion and maximum energy. Complex food combinations lead to energy-intensive and often incomplete digestion, and the discomfort of various kinds, including a food coma.

Become aware and responsible for your own wellbeing; You Are the Architect of Your Life! Your system can only perform at its best when your thoughts, emotions, body & energy are aligned in one direction. To be guided about conscious living and be more creative with preparing your food – please join us on Instagram, Facebook and online Programs.

Respect your body, it needs to serve you well for your entire life journey!