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Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!

Still valid and always will be, as we meant to live with nature, not against it!

Live consciously, approach what you eat and how you eat in a conscious way, according to your body needs, not social or family tradition and trends. Experiment with food and observe how you feel after eating. Is your body active and  alive, or is what you’re eating taking energy from you? Choose wisely what is suitable for your body and conduct your life the way you want.

Food should fuel our body and provide with optimal nourishment and energy for our well-being; it is the building material for your body. Communicate with your bodyStrive for High Pranic Foods!

Life comes only from life! Consider eating fresh living nutritious food to achieve optimum health, great energy and balance. Everything that kills your food, kills your body too!

Become aware and responsible for your own wellbeing; you are the architect of your life! Your system can only perform at its best when your thoughts, emotions, body & energy are aligned in one direction. To be guided about conscious living and become more creative with preparing your food, join us at Retreats and for our inspiring & educational Blog.


Respect your body, it needs to serve you well for your entire life journey!