7- Day ‘SUGAR Detox’ Retreat, Italy 

The only thing that truly matters in life, is that we want to experience this life as beautifully and profoundly as possible.

Some people try to do this using money, others education, food or sex, or anything else. Whatever we do, all of us is looking to expand and experience life in a deeper way. To be able to achieve that, we need to become more conscious, perceptive and alert, and be open to life so we are fully on with life, ready to respond, whatever everyday brings.

How happy you were at the age of 5 or 7? How joyful you are now?

If you’re not happy and joyful with yourself the way you want, your system is running compulsively, without you being the driver. Your life is happening accidentally!

A few years ago, I realised that the further I go in life, the less joyful I become. 15 years ago, I would be just happy for no reason, so I started to look what was behind. It was a moment of self-realisation; most of my suffering was just because my life wasn’t happening the way I expected. I wasn’t able to conduct myself the way I wanted, my emotions, thoughts, my body and energy weren’t taking instructions from me. I had to organise them in one direction so I could become a conscious creator, and experience joy and balance in my life.

The external world will never happen exactly the way you want, as there are many aspects and forces into it, but how you perceive it, what you make out of it, and how you feel within yourself is 100% in your ability.

Please join me at the 7-Day Sugar Detox Retreat in Italy, to learn methods and tools to organise your system the way that it takes instructions from you.

Learn to master your system so it works for you, not against you!

We cannot control the outside situations, but what happens within us is totally in our hands, and we need to be able to let it happen the way WE WANT!

You have the ability to challenge any limitation, belief or blockage and become FREE.

Are You Addicted to Sugar? For many years I was experiencing the need of eating something sweet every day. I would pop to a supermarket to get some sugary snack and eat it on my way home, as I didn’t want anyone to see me eating; I was hiding as most addicts would do. All this felt normal as I wasn’t aware that SUGAR was controlling my life, the craving was winning with me and I was indulging in the variety of sweetness. It was only in 2004, when one day I was able to see and admit that I was ADDICTED to sugar!

There’s a reason behind every addiction, every allergy, food intolerance, or attachment to some foods. In my case sugar and food became my Substitute for Love. So I’ve created this belief since I was a baby that food is love, and I adapted food to feel loved.

Overconsumption of sugar destroys our body and damages our brain, but it creates such intense cravings that it’s very challenging to overcome. Creating new solutions and replacing sugar with really good quality nutritious foods is absolutely essential and that’s part of the retreat.

However, identifying and working with emotions, instead of covering them, is the key solution to disconnect from most addictions. Otherwise it will only work on the surface level and we’ll feed our emotions, but the real cause which has led to the addiction, will remain present.
That was my experience, eating really healthy, organic, raw and plant based foods for many years, worked only up to a certain point. It was when I connected on the cellular level I was able to release the emotional build up, which was the creation point for my addiction. We all have the ability to go within our body and release what is not serving us!

At the retreat you will learn and experience how to get to the original point of the addiction, and how to set Free. As we’re energy and information, we can access the creation point of our addiction or dis-ease in our body on the cellular level, and release it.

If you’re ready to disconnect from sugar addiction and emotional eating, or anything that is limiting your life – I’m inviting you to SUGAR DETOX Retreat, to free yourself and experience the life you really want to live.

You’re welcome to participate in this Retreat if you suffer from Allergies, Food Intolerance and Diabetes!

There are at least 60 different names for sugar and the average American eats 154 pounds of sugar a year! Most food manufactures are interested in profit, not in your health. They want you to buy more often. Be aware of SUGAR and make consciously your choice how you treat your body. It’s not only to get your nutrients into your body, but also how to eliminate the chemicals and what is not serving you, out of your system.

Are you ready to face the Sugar Trap that stimulates your appetite & cravings, keeps you addictive & controls your life?

7-Day SUGAR DETOX Retreat is a perfect opportunity to experience: 
  • Raw, Plant Based, Pranic Foods (with some cooked/steamed options available), gluten & wheat-free, refined sugar-free. Local & Seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables and specialities.
  • Boosting and Nutritious Super Foods – You will learn how to make simple Plant-Based, Raw Nutritious  & Pranic Creations, including Vibrant Desserts & Treats
  • Creating new supportive and empowering ways to set off for Sugar-Free journey
  • Conscious breathing and Guided meditation
  • Connecting with nature, gentle exercises, walking, dance, simple yoga practices to support detoxification
  • Detoxing on all levels to balance your energy, emotions, mind and body
  • Simple yet powerful tools and processes to organise your system so it works for you, not against you
  • What makes you hungry? Identify different hungers & the Emotional Hunger
  • How to identify and work with emotions, and release any negative emotions
  • Introduction to Self-Healing method ‘Inner Guidance’ 
  • Emotional Eating – identify the emotions behind the foods you’re craving for
  • Social Evenings with Q&A and a possibility to discuss individual topics/challenges
  • One individual follow up Skype call after the retreat when you come back home
“The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, the more you become a lover of what is.” ― Spinoza

After you stop eating sugar, the first few days can be challenging as the sugar cravings kick in and emotions come up to the surface. That’s why the support you receive at the retreat is vital to stay in control of your physical body, mind and emotions. Separate Yourself from your environment to face your beliefs and limitations, and set Yourself FREE. 

Real success is to create & conduct your life the way you want!

How do you want to FEEL in your Life? What would it mean to you, to lead your life the way you want? How would you feel being truly Yourself?
Can you be a great leader, to lead yourself in life or others, if you feel trapped, addicted, uncertain and lack of energy?

Invest in Yourself and come to SUGAR DETOX Retreat to go for the first step into a conscious and vibrant living, and the direction that feels right for you! And as a result feel balance and harmony, and the inner FREEDOM and JOY of eating and experiencing life.

Don’t Hesitate and let your life pass by. Your life journey is very brief, what truly matters to you? Don’t wish it, LIVE IT!

This group is very small so the places are very limited, Please book your place!

Single or shared accommodation, raw food workshops, drinks, fresh food & lots of fun included. Every day is planned and structured to achieve the best result during this week, to rebalance and reconnect with yourself. All you need to do is just book your flight and come with your open mind for the new experience, and transform your life! 

Please book your place NOW at: info@PranicLiving.net 

Really looking forward to seeing You at the Retreat.
The most important work that you must do in your life, is to work upon Yourself!

  RETREATS planned for 2021: