Knowledge is very powerful! When we don’t know enough, we start developing beliefs. What are beliefs? They are thoughts held to be true; they are only strong opinions at best, only your perspective based on your past! We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. Beliefs can’t be true, false, right or wrong but they can be supportive or not supportive, empowering or non-empowering to your happiness and success!

Intellect 25.05.2016

You will always act or not act in accordance to your predominant beliefs and those actions create your results! The first step to change is awareness, the second step is understanding. When you understand that your ways of thinking and being come from outside of you, you can disconnect from them.

To avoid creating beliefs, we need to question ideas, conclusions, tradition and start understanding in our own way. Expanding our minds, training our brains and allowing our intellect to grow will bring us a new experience in life. So learning is the best investment!  If we want more from life – we need to become more!

Your Intellect 20.02.2016

As you are unique, you will experience life and learn your lessons in your individual way. Take inspirations from others but don’t be a follower. You are the Captain of your life! Choose consciously the direction you want to travel! Allow your intellect to develop intentionally; this is an unlimited process as unlimited is our potential! If you don’t aim to do that, you will never find out how far you can grow!

All big, successful projects start from single thoughts or ideas, but they need to be followed by action and this is the necessary step to take; without action nothing is going to happen. This short story illustrates that perfectly!

A man called Jose was asking God to help him to win the lottery, he was praying every morning, God please help me to win the lottery, you know I’m a good man and want to help other people too but I need more money so please, please, please help me to win the lottery. After some time God speaks to him and says: Jose, I really want to help you to win the lottery but you have to buy the ticket first!

So please take action and purchase your ticket to set off for your conscious self-discovery journey! Connect with yourself on a deep level to discover your message that you want to share with the world; great ideas come only from your inner world! KNOWING YOURSELF  is the beginning of all wisdom!

Kasia xx

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