Seasonal Eating!

Seasonal Eating!

Why eating seasonally is good for you?

Everything in nature moves in cycles and happens for a reason. Each season presents us with something special for optimum nourishment, freshness and full flavours!

Spring seems to bring everything to life with beautiful green colours, so we get a great variety of green leafy vegetables to boost our body; we definitely need that after winter.  In summer we naturally go for cooling foods and tend to eat light, including vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower as well as berries and stone fruits, spices and seasonings. In autumn we instinctively choose more warming foods and so the colours turn into more warming palate too: carrot, sweet potato, red cabbage, onions, apples, pumpkins & squashes etc. Winter requires even more warmth so lots of root vegetables, nuts; the longer foods take to grow, generally the more warming they are.

From all seasons, autumn brings the abundance of the year, allowing us to enjoy the full harvest as well as prepare for winter, when nature needs to take a break to be ready again in spring, and the cycle goes on! One of the simplest, natural and best for us ways of preserving fresh vegetables is FERMENTATION! Definitely my favourite!


Fresh vegetables: red and white cabbage, red onions, carrots, red paprika and zucchini.


Prepare all your vegetables for fermentation by shredding, chopping, grating or slicing. Add really good quality unrefined sea salt or Himalayan salt and mix well together. Cover and leave it for about one or two hours or even longer to allow for the vegetables to soften and crate brine. Put in glass jars, adding a few cloves and one or two bay leaves or other spices of your choice. Make sure it’s packed really well, use your feast, at the end place something heavy on top to press it down.  Allow about 5 days for the fermentation, making sure the temperature is warm enough; if it’s too cold, the fermentation won’t start!


Experiment, this is only a starting point to set you off! Ferment one vegetable alone or select mix of many, adding herbs and spices and playing with proportions; you can basically ferment anything you want. Create your own version and share your experience!

Benefits of eating in Season!

Eating seasonally is really beneficial not only to your health, but also to the planet, your local farming and community, and your wallet as well!


Each season offers a variety of beautiful fresh produce so apart from having a balanced diet, you also get a chance to explore and broaden your every day eating all year-round. You benefit even more when you shop locally, not only you get hopefully fresh fruits and vegetables, full of flavour and higher in nutritional value but you also support your community, local farming and businesses. Eating seasonally is more environmentally friendly too! The global transportation means early harvest in order to survive long trips across the ocean, using a lot of refrigeration and hot houses.  As a result, you being the final consumer pay a lot more for all the travel expenses and lots of people involved in the shipping process. So you end up paying more and get fruits and vegetables sprayed with chemicals to survive the long journey and not even being aware that often they are contaminated. I hope this shows clearly that there are strong arguments for seasonal eating and by doing so, contributing to our environment too; you are a part of it!

Enjoy the abundance of this beautiful fall season, celebrate the harvest, explore the full nourishment and contribute to saving our planet! Seasonal is just a natural way to be in alignment with nature!

Be creative and let Mather Nature be your guide!

Kasia xx

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